Dani Love

Dani is a Certified Master Reiki Healer, Holistic Life Coach and Yoga enthusiast with a passion for nutrition.

Prior to starting her career in holistic health and wellness Dani worked for 6 years in the corporate world as an employee benefits consultant and broker where she specialized in creating health and wellness plans for her clients (companies with 500-10,000 employees) in order to  drive down healthcare costs and improve the employee health through her wellness solutions.

Dani is now taking her knowledge to the individual level to help people take control of their health and their life by showing her clients how to live healthy and eat holistically.

Dani Love has her own health and wellness youtube channel launching spring of 2019 that focuses on sharing her own recipes that are easy and healthy for others to learn and cook as well as sharing the health and healing benefits of real food.

Each Dish that Dani creates is thoughtfully designed to have the nutrients and vitamins the body needs in order to live life at an optimal state.

Dani works hand in hand with Hale Kai chef to ensure a conscience eating menu is provided for our guests.

Courtney McKenna

Courtney is an artist and entrepreneur based in NYC. With a varied background in community development, experiential production and technology, her mission is to create beautiful experiences that connect people and expand perspectives.

As an artist she has published both songs and poetry while her wearable art has been featured in editorial magazines and gallery shows. In her latest wellness production, she created a soundscape using positive affirmations and electric guitar for the AG Gallery show ‘Flower Offerings’ in collaboration with Artist Sirikul Pattachotte.

Before committing whole heartedly to her art, Courtney worked across industries to produce and manage events and media content. With 10 years of experience in production and a continued curiosity of self improvement and wellness, she is delighted to produce this retreat and to offer her musical talent to all of her guests. She grew up visiting family in Hawaii and was inspired by her Grandfather to create Hale Kai Wellness.

“My path to wellness has not been linear, as most probably are not. I recognize that Wellness is not a destination, but a continual journey. For me, it is a commitment to the self to work hard everyday in order to stay grounded, centered and to move forward with gratitude. I have evolved greatly in the past 10 years and I am fortunate enough to share a part of my experience with you.

My Grandfather Mike has always been one of my greatest inspirations.  He helped me to pay for my college education and I wanted to study business so I could one day find the success that he had found. When I was 19, I had the chance to live with him at Hale Kai for a summer in between college semesters. He wasn’t a huge conversationalist unless he had a story to tell but we delighted in each other’s presence. He helped me to meet new friends on the island but also kept a close eye to tell me when I was “burning the candle at both ends”. 

The most valuable lesson I learned that summer in regards to success I wouldn’t fully realize until years later after he had passed. Success is similar to wellness in that, it is not a destination, it is an everyday journey and practice. The two are one in the same. I always had the drive and means to succeed but I struggled to find the confidence within myself to embody it.

I am honored to carry on my Grandfather’s legacy by hosting this wellness retreat at Hale Kai. In the same way he gave me the tools to find success and to heal myself, my hope is that this retreat will grant you the space and time you need to do the same.”

-Courtney McKenna